Friday, October 20, 2006

Staples Easy Button

I like the new Staples Easy Button campaign. It's everywhere, and it radiates. I like that word much better than integrated. That's a bit of a 4-letter word to me; along with BCE, that whole myth of convergence has thankfully been exploded. But I digress.

The Staples Easy Button is everywhere: on TV, in print, and now, in a Staples store near you! Gotta love it!

When I first saw it, I thought, "Oh brother, WHO would donate $5.98 plus taxes to the Staples cause?" So, I came home and did a focus group...of, well, one. My SO loves marketing, all aspects of it...most days, he enjoys the ads on TV better than the programming. Anyway, he actually claims he would buy one as a gag gift.

It's obvious, I'll grant you that. I just know that the folks that dreamt this idea up are salivating at their visions of millions (OK maybe a slight exaggeration) of office types with this button on their desk, enacting their own Easy Button scenes. VoilĂ ! Viral! Beautiful.

But sometimes, the obvious can work.

Guess who's getting an Easy Button in his Christmas stocking this year?


Liz said...

Thanks for viisting my blog - and the condolences.

I saw the Easy button in Staples recently and I have no idea what it is for/about. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

I was still tempted by it though because it's so cute!

Andrea said...

It's so gimmicky you'll die. It's just a stupid little button you press, and it says "It's easy!!!"

I'm just running over to Staples now to pick one up for the SO. LOL

So, I'm almost afraid to ask...did the hard-drive-wipe-out cause the sky crash over your head? (Gawd...I really hope not!)

Liz said...

Oh, I'll have to get one!

Then when i'm retyping all the lost data or reloading lost programs, I can keep pressing it!

As you've seen on my blog, the boss was remarkably understanding (she's just come back from holiday, and on Friday from a champagne lunch, so she was mellow.)

Actually I might get one for home too!